Toyota Reveals The Future Of Mobile Business With The e-Palette Concept

Ever wondered what the future would look like, and how the world economy would be transformed in the coming years? Well, for starters Toyota’s new e-Palette concept vehicle and the underpinning Toyota Global Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) has given a deep glimpse into what the future might look like on our roads.
At the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas , Toyota revealed its concept model for the first time. With this disclosure Toyota also revealed that automakers are now set to be part of the much larger mobility industry and if they don’t stay ahead of the dramatic changes underway, they risk becoming irrelevant.
Toyota’s newly announced e-Palette Alliance, will leverage Toyota’s Mobility Services Platform to offer a suite of solutions designed to make it easy to create a purpose-built vehicle for almost any task. As the e-Palette concept stands right now, it is a fully-automated, battery electric vehicle (BEV).
The e-Palette comes with an open vehicle control interface and a set of software tools to enable partner companies to easily install their own automated driving system and vehicle management technology. It also comes with a complete plug-and-play ecosystem that enables one to develop a mobility business, favorable to many outlets.
Toyota Reveals The Future Of Mobile Business With The E-Palette Concept


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