Lyft invests heavily on Driver-less tech. Launches a Self-Driving division and ambitious plans.

The past couple of month’s have seen big announcements from various automobile companies on their initiatives and launch of various Autonomous related stuff. The latest in the list is Uber’s biggest rival Lyft itself. They have announced their interest in creating an ‘open self-driving platform‘ that any car manufacturer or Driver-less system can plug in their self driving cars. Via. this Lyft claims that the partners can take advantage of the massive network they have already ( that provides nearly 1 million rides per day ).
To facilitate this initiative, Lyft has taken up the first floor of a building in Palo Alto on lease. It will be headed by Lyft’s new VP of engineering Luc Vincent. This 50,000 Square feet space will not only have a number of labs but also open testing areas. Hundreds of jobs are awaiting to be created in this space.
Lyft autonomous self driving cars
Lyft calls this space LEVEL 5. They hope that via. this open platform, manufacturers will be able to bring in their Autonomous cars inside Lyft’s ride hailing network. Some of the benefits that Lyft list for its partners are:

  • The ability to instantly showcase their technology to the massive community Lyft is already serving.
  • Take advantage of the ride-hailing business Lyft is already into and test out accurate vehicle dispatching based on the real-time demand that is created by its community.
  • The ability for partners to hit the road running by easily and instantly integrating the API Lyft provides.
  • Accessibility to the much wanted data collected during trips for continues improvement.

Note: While Lyft plans out this clever strategy to loop in the fleets from leading car manufacturers, UBER has already created tie-ups with Volvo and Daimler to test out their Driver-less vehicles in their network. On the other hand Lyft was able to rope in GM, Waymo, JLR etc. & they have also created a tech tie-up with the Boston / Singapore based Self-driving startup Nutonomy.
Lyft autonomous self driving cars
Lyft believes that this initiative will help its passengers to enjoy a never-before-like state of the art ride experience that is safe & of high quality. They also strongly believe that transportation costs will reduce significantly and drastically reduce accidents on the road. And that with less cars on the road the real-estate that have been occupied by these vehicles can be used for much better purpose like building shops, schools, parks etc.
Lets await and check out the change 🙂
Also check out the different types of Jobs that are to be created in the Driver-less vehicle space here 


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