The Ultimate Telsa Model 3 Dash Cams – BlackVue DR750S-2CH

Now would it make sense to have cameras everywhere? The answer is simply an un-compromised YES! And it makes all the more sense to, hook your Tesla with one. Given the various circumstances one encounters on a day to day basis the dash cam is just more than just a camera in cars. With the help of a dashcam on board, one can avoid major catastrophes and also redefine the way of commuting in a car.

Five Reasons to get a Dashcam
  1. Security – Record evidences of anyone trying to mess with your car, keying it or general vandalism.
  2. Accident Recording – If you’re a good driver and get into an accident, it’s more likely the other party caused it. Having a video record of the event can help confirm what happened.
  3. Parking lot bumps – Another driver bumps or scratches your car while you are away, and fails to leave a note. Having a video may show the event, the perpetrator and their license plate.
  4. Third-party events – Crashes or problems you’re not involved in, but would love to have recorded. This might be red-light runners or accidents between other cars in front or behind you.
  5. Documenting a trip_VLOG – Document your travels to show your family, friends or put on YouTube.

One of the best selling dash cams in the market are the ones offered by BlackVue. In terms of its video quality and using the latest sophisticated technology, BlackVue is beyond compare and is the leader in this market segment. The latest offering is the BlackVue DR750S-2CH, a successor to the famed DR650S Series that rattled the market with its sales in the previous years. The new DR750S series sets the latest standards for connected dashcams.
Telsa Dash Cams BlackVue DR750S-2CH


BlackVue dashcams have been very popular with Tesla owners in the past and it still continues to hold its reputation. The low resolution in the rear camera of the previous model has been fixed and it now comes with a greater resolution in the 750S Series.

  • Includes rear camera
  • Smallest size of the choices
  • Single SD card to record both front and back cameras
  • Cloud option to access remotely over WiFi
  • WiFi to phones and tablets
  • Best looking dashcam


  • No Wide Dynamic Range feature
  • App required to change settings other than WiFi on/off
  • Very slow to fix bugs (app shows an odd symbol for a backslash for over 3 years)
  • Optional BlackVue hardwire kit makes installation easier ($16, or cut included cord)
  • Expensive


– Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p (1920×1080) Full HD, 60 FPS (front), 1080p (1920×1080) HD, 30 FPS (rear)

– Video File Format: .MP4
– Input Power: DC 12V – 24V (DC Plug:(-)—C—(+) (Ø3.5 x Ø1.35), MAX 1A/12V)
– WiFi: Built-in (802.11n (2.4 − 2.4835 GHz))
– GPS: Built-in
– Microphone: Built-in
– Memory: microSD Card (16 GB/32 GB/64 GB/128 GB)
– Software: – BlackVue Viewer for Windows / Mac OS
* Windows XP or higher / Mac OS X
10.10 (Yosemite) or higher
– BlackVue App (Android 4.2 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher)

While driving, your BlackVue detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, it also detects movements. Videos files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find the relevant ones in the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS or the BlackVue App for Android and iOS.
Telsa Dash Cams BlackVue DR750S-2CH


Both the BlackVue App and Viewer are free to download and use. They let you easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse through your videos in an intuitive way. With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue in Wi-Fi to access files and check realtime Live View for easy setup and positioning of your dashcam.

Proximity sensor: toggle audio recording ON and OFF by simply waving your hand in front of it. The sensor can also be configured to trigger Manual Event videos in the settings.
Wi-Fi button: turn Wi-Fi ON/OFF (short press), reset your Wi-Fi password (hold until voice prompt, then short press) or format the microSD card (hold until voice prompt, and then hold again). All actions are confirmed by a voice prompt.

Telsa Dash Cams BlackVue DR750S-2CH


Speed: speed data will be overlaid in the video (can be turned off in the settings). You can choose to display the speed in Kilometers per hour (Km/h) or Miles per hour (Mph).
Location: you can visualize the location of your vehicle in the BlackVue Viewer’s Map during video playback.
Wi-Fi: lets you connect to your BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi also lets your BlackVue connect to BlackVue Over the Cloud via any home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (router).
Telsa Dash Cams BlackVue DR750S-2CH


The front-facing camera records extra fluid videos at 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30fps. That means your BlackVue can better capture details–like license plates–even in fast-moving objects.
Note 1: the higher the image quality setting, the higher the bitrate and the bigger the file size. A bigger size will increase the time necessary to transfer a video file over Wi-Fi.
Note 2: Remote Live View using BlackVue Over the Cloud is not affected by the image quality and frame-rate settings.
Telsa Dash Cams BlackVue DR750S-2CH


Connect to your BlackVue anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Over the Cloud. Enjoy remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone. Back up important videos to the free Cloud storage. Play and download videos from your dashcam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere. Enjoy Two-way Voice Comm. with the driver from the app through the BlackVue’s integrated speaker and mic.


The Sony STARVIS™ image sensors that equip both the front and rear cameras of the DR750S-2CH deliver outstanding low-light performance. For those who want even more brightness in dark environments, the DR750S-2CH features Enhanced Night Vision.
When activated, it boosts the ISO sensitivity in low light without blowing up the highlights in bright surroundings. Even with Night Vision OFF, the STARVIS sensor outperforms regular CMOS sensors as you can see in the comparison shots below:
Telsa Dash Cams BlackVue DR750S-2CH
Amazon Customer Reviews:
I love this dash camera. The videos are super smooth and can be transferred via wifi. So if something happens and you need the video right away, this is a useful feature. The app (on android) is mostly flawless. Chris
Have used BlackVue for years. Best on the market. You get what you pay for! – Steve
Excellent camera setup. I’ve tried several others, but this is the first one that actually works reliably. – Jerome R. Nowosatko



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