Jobs & Opportunities in the Driver-less Vehicles space.

2018 is going to be a very important milestone in the History of mankind. It will be remembered as the year that paved way for the most important technological change for the upcoming hundreds of years. Experts say that we are amidst & witnessing one the biggest revolution ie. Driver-less Vehicles becoming a reality. What we have been seeing in the Sci-Fi movies is becoming a reality.

” Autonomous cars is the biggest technological revolution happening, since the invention of Automobile. Only once in a 100 years does such a tectonic shift happens! “

When such an un-imaginable shift happens: Many new industries get created – many gets destroyed. Thousands of self-made Millionaires shoot out of no-where ( remember how the dotCom boom created a few thousand Millionaires ). Un-imaginable opportunities get created, for people to cling on to and carve out a fascinating new career.
Automobile giants like Fiat, Ford, Volkswagen, GM, Honda, Volvo, BMW etc. are opening their heavy wallets wide and spending the trillions of dollars hey have saved for the past several decades.
But Why?
Because they are scared!  Remember the time when the iPhone was launched? Those companies that ignored this revolution just disappeared in the next 5 years ( Nokia, BlackBerry etc. ). Rest is history.

Well, History is repeating itself again. But this time in the Automobile sector. With Tesla, Google etc. going bullish on converting the existing vehicles to complete Driver-less mode. This technological change that is converting the Automobile space is very disturbing to legacy Auto giants like Chrysler, Toyota, Renault, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford etc. They know that if they fail to have a hand in this change, they will become obsolete in a few years. Tesla is already giving these companies a run for their money.
Driver-less cars opportunities
We can speak for days on this. But lets get back to our original Topic ie. Opportunities in the  Autonomous vehicle space.
Why is this considered such a BIG opportunity?
In the last few years, we have heard many speak about AI ( Artificial Intelligence ), IOT ( Internet of Things ), Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Science, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Block Chain, Embedded etc. But have you seen any of these take a real shape or implementation in the real world? ie. Have you seen a scalable commercial use of these in your day-to-day life? … well NO 🙂
Experts see that all the above are getting combined and used together for the first time in Autonomous Vehicles. Yes, a Driver-less car is the first true commercially usable Robot that will use all the above complex technologies.. on which we will soon lay our hands on!
Which means that there will be millions of Jobs getting created soon in the above verticals. Those who understand this impact and opportunity will see a sharp hockey stick growth in the coming years.

Did you know? Nearly all the MNC’s involved in software development and consultancy like Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc. are going bullish on developing their competency around these verticals. They are investing heavily in developing products and teams around these next generation technologies. Experts predict Billions of Dollars worth projects getting outsourced from Automobile companies.

So, what are the areas we can expect more opportunities:

  • ADAS Security Consultants

When it comes to Driver-less vehicles, the top most priority would be security. Remember, Security is different from Safety. Since the brain of the Autonomous vehicle is totally made up of the electronic components and the software powering it, its of utmost importance to protect this layer from getting hacked or exposed. The threat here is of high gravity, as unlike other devices ( like the phone, computer etc. ) this is an Automobile and anyone getting access to the machine can weaponize it!
Jobs: For sure all the companies involved in creating Self-Driving vehicles will spend a lot in creating, maintaining and testing the security levels of the systems. Which in turn will create a lot of jobs for Security consultants, Security deployment & test engineers etc.
Opportunities: Security agencies will start seeing new types of  work getting outsourced. These types will be more of long term contracts and high paying.

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  • Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Engineers

Jobs: There will be a big need for simulation Engineers. The primary jobs of these engineers will be to simulate environments and situations for testing and documenting the behavior of the vehicles when deployed on these scenarios. New simulation systems and equipment’s will be created and integrated with the  ADAS ( Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ). New certifications will be created for testing and quality control related to these systems.
Opportunities: Companies and Entrepreneurs can expect various test jobs to be outsourced. Starting crowd sourced testing portals will be a good idea, as Automobile companies would love crowd sourced testing results for obvious reasons.

  • Digital Image Processing

Jobs: Digital Image Processing ( DIP ) will become a hot skill set in the coming years and many companies will be ready to pay a fortune for DIP experts. The Autonomous vehicles will be equipped with cameras on all sides to read and record the live environment to process it for real-time decision making. There will be requirements for engineers who are enthusiastic about creating innovative solutions on Object tracking & data association.
Opportunities: Storing and Processing of these images and video would become a big field by itself ( as we are speaking about millions of vehicles around the globe recording every second ). Big Data will become a common word. There will be abundance of Data Warehousing and Data Mining work required. Companies will start looking out to outsource as much as possible, as there will be no end to this.

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  • Mathematics & Algorithms for Predictive Analysis

Jobs: The good news for Mathematicians is that there will be a huge demand for you. Companies will require professionals to assist their programmers in creating formulas for complex algorithms. Predictive Analysis will become a hot keyword. Formulas will be require to help the machine take timely decisions and predict things that might happen from real-time surroundings. Most of the tasks will be created around “Probabilistic environment representation”
Opportunities: Aptitude training requirements will boost. Both individuals and companies will require expert courses for themselves and their staff. Also algorithmic solutions will be outsourced.

  • Embedded Engineer

Jobs: Embedded system engineers will be required in plenty and paid high. Since the entire Driver-less vehicle space revolves around robotics, Sensors etc. there will be high demand for Electronics & Instrumentation engineers. Sensor modelling will become a rare skill set.
Opportunities: Soon the industry will be flooded by Embedded systems projects for POC’s, implementations etc. You will also see very specific type of Sensor based works coming up.

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  • Localization Research Engineer

Jobs: Pretty much every country and every state has its own rules & regulations when it comes to driving. Which means the Self-Driving vehicles need to sense / figure out its locale and instantly adapt to the local rules. This is going to create millions of jobs worldwide related to localization research. Vehicle manufacturers would need to equip their systems with apt locale knowledge to sell their automobiles in the particular country or region. As Autonomous projects get outsourced to companies in each country, the companies in turn will have numerous requirements for such localization research engineers. They would be required to tightly work with programmers to bring in Senor based localization, Manipulation of map data sets an Probabilistic data fusion.
Opportunities: Such Localization research will be outsourced as the automobile companies would like to get involved with companies with better local knowledge. So they can get even high quality work done. In the coming years, you can expect lot many such KPO, Survey and Localization work getting outsourced.

  • Accident management & Smart Contracts

Jobs: When it comes to Smart Contracts, Block Chain experts will be of high demand. With Autonomous vehicles the concept of Smart Contracts is becoming a reality. Professionals with a sound knowledge in Block chain technology and good knowledge in the Insurance domain will in need.
Opportunities: With the human driver being replaced, there is going to be a huge change in the way in which Automobile Insurance is going be created and processed. Not only will there be a lot of projects from Automobile companies, but there will also be a lot of work getting outsourced by Insurance companies. When a machine gets into an accident with another machine, a lot many things can be analyzed instantly using the data captured in the sensors, Cameras and Satellites. If given a good thought, startups can also come up with disruptive solutions and products.

  • Advanced Connectivity & Communications Engineer

Jobs: The Driver-less vehicles era is going to be needing hundreds of thousands of Electronics & Communication engineers. Since the entire industry is going to revolve around data captured via. LIDAR ( Light Detection & Ranging ), RADAR, Ultra-Sonic Sensors, GPS etc. there will be many jobs created around these areas. Along with it will be very high paying jobs created for Digital Signal Processing ( DSP ) experts.
Opportunities: If you are a company that is already into IOT, Electronics etc. the times to come would be of great profit to you. There will be numerous projects in the above mentioned connectivity & Communications sectors. It may range from simple POCs to full-fledged solutions getting outsourced. You can also aim at creating your own improvised versions and become suppliers for automobile companies.

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  • Planning / Robotics Research Engineer

Jobs: If you are professional with special interest in Kinodynamic motion planning, a fortune is awaiting you. With Autonomous vehicles comes the critical requirement of Machine Decision making capabilities that require time-sensitive Planning under uncertainty. Like how the human mind predicts traffic and plans instantly based on upcoming obstacles, your job would be to create sophisticated time-optimal algorithms that helps the machines to predict and take decisions.
Opportunities: There will be a big requirement for authentic and useful tutorials that teach effective kinodynamic planning & problem solving. You can expect a lot of sales and requirements coming up in these niche verticals.

  • Regulatory compliance based ADAS Test Engineer :

Jobs: Are you a test engineer with a passion for Automobile and travel. This is a job for you 🙂 Every market/ region in the world has its own regulatory compliance. Your work will be to constantly travel to various regions. You will be required to coordinate with the internal engineering teams of the particular locations ( and external governing agencies ) to test, validate and report the vehicle performance.
Opportunities: Companies would be required to do ample testing of their Driver-less vehicles on public roads, tracks and provisioned special Grounds before getting required regulatory approvals. So there will for sure be many such projects and work outsourced to smaller companies in each region to take up and report on these tasks. Your team would need to analyze data collected during these tests to determine if the vehicle meets federal and internal requirements, and make recommendations to the design teams of the Automobile companies.

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  • Sensor Fusion Algorithm Engineer:

Jobs: As mentioned earlier Self-Driving cars is all about Sensors. Your job would be to develop high end algorithms that take input from all the sensors in real time and process it to detect any objects etc. and report the nature of the obstacle. Companies dealing with Advanced Driver Assistance systems will have perception computing teams and you will work closely with them to provide inputs from sensor fusion.
Opportunities: MNC’s an Automobile companies will be receptive for any innovation in the area of sensors. This opens a lot of opportunities for you to present as blueprints or even develop new sensors that can prove to be more efficient.


More to come:

  • Machine level Voice recognition expert:
  • Virtual Reality ( VR ) & Augmented Reality ( AR ):
  • Vehicle Controls Algorithm Engineer: Develop vehicle motion (lateral and longitudinal) control systems in a very fast moving environment. Create, develop, invent, validate and integrate chassis and vehicle motion control systems for autonomous vehicles.Conduct detailed analysis, simulation and testing of prototype vehicles and systems (particularly braking and steering)
  • Machine Learning Expert:
  • Vehicle Algorithm Engineer: Development of algorithms with the capabilities of real time execution on automotive-grade embedded processors
  • Safety microelectronic hardware design engineer:  Design & develop advanced active safety micro hardware to detect safety issues in fast moving environments.

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