Self-Driving Car Market Ushers New Opportunities For Samsung

Tech giants Samsung have partnered up with Hyundai, post the approval of the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to begin testing self-driving cars in the country. The company isn’t focused on building an entire vehicle as such, but just the systems that make a vehicle autonomous.
Samsung revealed its plans to develop the sensors, computing systems, AI and other software for self-driving cars, which will be placed into the specially manufactured cars made by partners like Hyundai. This means that, as Samsung positions itself in the self-driving space, it’s trying to be more of an Intel than a Tesla working to develop back-end systems that it can sell or license while leaving the auto parts to more experienced partners. This approach makes Samsung fall into a set of immediate competition from similar suitors, when it enters the market.
Self-Driving Car Market Ushers New Opportunities For Samsung


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