Global Economy To Be Boosted By $7 Trillion A Year: Intel

Be it the way you travel, work or live, self driving (cars) technology are on the brink of changing the landscape of this world. According to Intel’s predictions, the industry is here to create a massive $7 trillion-a-year economy by 2050. The US tech giant is forecasting what it terms a “passenger economy” that will create massive opportunities for new businesses as people transform from drivers into riders with time – rather than a steering wheel – on their hands.
“Companies should start thinking about their autonomous strategy now,” said Brian Krzanich, Intel chief executive. “Less than a decade ago, no one was talking about the potential of a soon-to-emerge app or sharing economy because no one saw it coming.

This is why we started the conversation around the passenger economy early, to wake people up to the opportunity streams that will emerge when cars become the most powerful mobile data-generating devices we use and people swap driving for riding.

Global Economy To Be Boosted By $7 Trillion A Year: Intel


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