What Moral Decisions Should Driverless Cars Make?

In a recent Cambridge TEDX talk, Iyad Rahman (Associate Professor of Media Arts & Sciences at the MIT Media Lab) demonstrated and highlighted the importance of the decisions, that driverless cars will have to make. According to The Department of Transport, approximately 35,000 people died from car accidents in the US alone. Worldwide this number increases to a staggering 1.2 million. The driverless car technology promises to reduce this number by a margin of 90% and this primarily, is by avoiding the main cause of error i.e, Human Error.
Alongside those numbers, Mr Rahman highlights the importance of ethics and the level of decisions that a driverless car would have to make under certain circumstances. Those circumstances being the kind, where a certain mechanical failure would occur and so on. The talk gathered more heat and attention, when Mr Rahman briefed about the survey that he conducted with his team. The survey was to understand what the society really expects of this driverless future because- “Regulations & law are a reflection of societal values.”
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What Moral Decisions Should Driverless Cars Make?



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