10 Car Accessories Everyone should have.

With advancements in technology and the range of products that are available in the market, no one wants to see their car in a bad shape. Keeping that in mind, here is a brilliant compilation of the top 10 accessories every car should have:

  • Window Breaker / Seat-belt Cutter. Emergency Escape Tool. ( get it HERE )

Did you know? In a majority of the accidents, the seat-belt gets stuck & windows dont open! You need to get out before the fire reaches the fuel.
Rightly called Tools of Life, this is a must-have incase of an accident. In such a situation every second counts. Found in almost all car shops this is one product that is not be missed out at any cost. The product is strapped with a Razor-sharp steel blade that can cut through seat belts in a matter of seconds. Despite the product being patent pending, it has gone on to sell a record number of units in the American market. A protective bracket is also included for the hammer.
Car Window Breaker Seat-belt Cutter accessories

As far as the hunt for the best dash cam in terms of video quality goes, the BlackVue models are the best you can get. This two channel model has a small footprint and looks neat when wired properly to sit behind the rear view mirror. The front camera delivers very clear picture that can help you read license plates in daylight and the night time pictures are fairly good. The rear camera has a lesser resolution but still captures decent quality video. In addition to excellent video quality, the camera supports memory cards upto 128gb, has built-in WiFi, mobile app for remote viewing while the cam is in parking mode, motion and impact detection capabilities. The videos can also be backed up on to the cloud storage. The cylindrical form factor of the camera allows it to be rotated 360 degrees for a versatile usage.
Tesla accessories Dashboard Camera

  • Natural Air Purifying Bag & Odor Eliminator [ get it HERE ]

The Moso Bag is an easy, convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odor free environment. Fragrance Free, Chemical Free and Non-Toxic, the natural moso bamboo charcoal effectively absorbs and removes odors, allergens and harmful pollutants. Reuse for up to two years and it is a perfect fit for car spaces covering upto 90 square feet. So what are you waiting for?
Car Accessories Air Purifying Bag

Still juggling between keeping your eyes on the road and checking your phone for that next turning? With Scosche Magnetic Mount, you have the perfect solution to your problem. The stylish all black mounting system adapts easily to the back case or the batter cover of your phones. Backed by Scosche’s 36 month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service this product is a steal! 
Car Accessories magnetic mobile mounting

Rated as one of #1 Selling Product on Amazon, this product is must have for car owners. The TEKTON 5941 comes with an illuminated nozzle and display screen for ultimate visibility in low light or at night. Its instant digital display provides accurate reading, eliminating the guesswork of analog gauges. Another excellent product to have in your toolkit.
Car Accessories digital Tyre gauge

Don’t want to go through the hassles of cleaning up your car every time you take your pet out for a ride? The BarksBar Pet Seat Cover is your ultimate solution. Made with high quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester, this seat cover protects the back seats of your car from dirt, spills, scratches, hair & fur, and other mess. With a strap on- strap off mode of installation it is a very customer friendly product. 
Car Accessories Pet Seat water proof

This beauty of a product comes with 2 identical rectangular shades. What this means is that, it allows maximum adaptability for different sized windshields. With simple vertical installations for high windshields and horizontal for smaller windshields, this product is designed for a hassle free usage. The superior double shade design is bound to provide maximum protection and coverage for you car, keeping the temperatures under check.
Car Accessories Windshield Sun shade

Strapped with the latest fast charging technology, this product delivers the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall under direct sunlight. Its high output power rate enables it to charge two devices simultaneously. A very handy product during those long drives and in the absence of a direct source of power.
Car Accessories Dual USB Solar Charger

Just like the name suggests, these are heavy duty ramps, ready to take on even the heaviest of cars. With a 12,000 pound capacity, this product is titled as the best in the market. And it is no surprise that it is one of the #1 Selling Products on Amazon. The rugged and structural design comes with a CoreTRAC non-skid base that helps to reduce slippage. Thus, it makes it one of the most advanced accessories on this list.
Car Accessories Vehicle car Ramp

Planning that next hike or trip for that weekend? The Shine Hai Camping Hammock are your perfect getaway partners that can support upto 500lbs. It is super lightweight and weigh about 2.2 lbs. The product comes with a carrying bag, and has a quick set up and hanging process. And the best part? This product comes with a life time warranty. So get moving and order this product soon!
Car Accessories Double Camping Hammock
Renewable Mini Dehumidifier [ get it HERE ]
Reduce humidity levels in your car, making it less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mold, mildew etc. The product is both spill and mess free. The Eva-dry E-333 works in areas up to 333 cubic feet and requires no batteries or cords for its application. This is a 100% renewable product and is a real winner!
Car Accessories Renewable Mini Dehumidifier
Certain situations and misfortunes cannot be avoided and most of the times these circumstances pop up at a very crucial point of time. Sounds like something every car owner has to deal with. Things like flat tires, dead batteries, etc. are the kind that can leave you high and dry. Hope the above listed car accessories would make your life better 🙂


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