Driverless Cars To Be Paired With AR Smart Glasses In The Future

The opportunities that technology lays before us, is beyond our imagination at times. Little did we know that in a few years we would all witness a car that drives on its own. And now to make things even more fancier, automakers are working on AR Smart Glasses for Driverless Cars.
What AR Smart Glasses can provide, is most likely to astound your imagination skills. Imagine a certain kind of glass, that can identify your car and provide you directions to where it is parked. Imagine a glass that can keep you in control of your car, yes these are just a minor portion of what the AR Smart Glasses bring to the table.
Smart glasses will enable you to visualize the “cognitive brain” of your autonomous car system while in transit, providing an assurance that all is well en route to your destination. It can display the vehicle’s current speed and road speed limits, place upcoming turn signals in your field of view, alert you to a detour due to road construction, or update your arrival time.
Driverless Cars To Be Paired With AR Smart Glasses In The Future


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