Autonomous Ride Hailing Service – Cruise, Operates In San Francisco

Cruise, a self-driving startup acquired by GM last year, is operating a fleet of autonomous ride-hailing service in San Francisco for its employees. The service named as, “Cruise Anywhere” is accessible to all employees via their mobile phones to travel anywhere in San Francisco. It can availed all throughout the week.

Being in its beta state, the “Cruise Anywhere” service is currently restricted to just to the employees and a fair share of them have also been availing this service as their primary source of transportation. Presently about 10% of the company’s SF based employees are using the beta, while more are being enrolled each week with a waitlist currently in place.

We’re really excited about how the technology is evolving, and the rate at which it’s evolving. This is a manifestation of that — putting the app in people’s hands and having them use it for the first time and make AVs their primary form of transportation.

– Cruise CEO and co-founder Kyle Vogt

Autonomous Ride Hailing Service - Cruise, Operates In San Francisco


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