Car Sales Gears Up For A New World Of Car Ownership

With the realization that in the long run a certain change is coming, businesses are gearing up for what could possibly be one of the biggest revolutions ever. Rapid development in autonomous driving technology and the popularity of car-share and ride-share services, have led some to predict private car ownership will dwindle in the near future, eventually being replaced with fleets of shared, driverless vehicles.
“I can’t imagine a world where I don’t own a car, But I might own an autonomous one and I might drive it to work and rather than leave it in the garage … I might plug it into a ride-sharing platform where it might drop me off and then drive around the city picking up people and dropping them off.” states Carsales chief executive Cameron McIntyre.

Car Sales Gears Up For A New World Of Car Ownership

Carsales CEO Cameron McIntyre says car sharing could increase mileage and thus turnover. Photo: Pat Scala


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