Time To Start Prepping For Driverless Cars?

Expect a lot of changes in the industry with the incoming of the autonomous world. Expect business to revolve around and facilitate more of this concept, that is on track on be the next big revolution after the internet!
There’s been a lot of talk about autonomous vehicles and their impact on CRE, but what should the industry do now to get ready for this disruption? In a recent interview, Real Estate giants Ten-X’s Eric Paulsen discusses about the significance & how to prepare for this technological advance.
Paulsen states that, driverless cars will essentially reduce the earth’s footprint. With no drivers, personal and commercial vehicles will be able to make longer distance drives more tolerable, making areas somewhat remote from city centers more viable residential locales. We can expect developers to recognize this and try to capitalize on it.  As most cities will want their industrial product farther removed from housing, driverless trucks will enable them to do so without putting industrial properties beyond driving range.
Time To Start Prepping For Driverless Cars?


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