Panasonic Launches Self Driving Wheelchairs At Tokyo Airport

Keeping in mind the Japanese Olympics 2020, Panasonic wants to place as many Self Driving Wheelchairs as possible at every major airport. As a part of this initiative, Panasonic launched its first of chairs at Tokyo’s, Haneda International Airport.
A traveler in need of physical assistance can summon Panasonic’s wheelchair in a couple of taps using its dedicated smartphone app. It might be needed as soon as a passenger exits a plane, or when they arrive at the airport for a flight. In the case of the latter, the wheelchair will find its way to the passenger and take them to the appropriate check-in desk. After that, it will wheel the passenger around the airport according to their requests, with the journey eventually ending at the gate. The wheelchair will then tootle off by itself to help another traveler.
Panasonic Launches Self Driving Wheelchairs At Tokyo Airport



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