US Congress Gathers To Vote On The First Ever Autonomous Car Law

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a bill that provides more support for developing autonomous driving vehicles. The so-called SELF DRIVE Act wants to make it easier for car makers to test their driverless cars on U.S. roads.
The bill proposes to allow car manufacturers to road-test as many as 25,000 autonomous vehicles within their first year of deployment. The car makers would then be allowed to increase this number over a period of three years, up to a maximum cap of 100,00 each year. Furthermore, the SELF DRIVE Act won’t require self-driving vehicles to meet current car safety standards.

This vote will pave the way for the safe testing, development, and deployment of self-driving cars across the U.S…

-Congressmen Greg Walden and Robert Latta in a joint statement
US Congress On The First Ever Autonomous Car Law


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