Nissan And NASA Extends Their Research Into Autonomous Mobility Services

Two impressive leaders in technology are applying the cutting-edge tools of modern science and engineering to bring the future into our daily lives in a safer, quicker, more effective way. Nissan North America and the NASA Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley are collaborating more deeply on research and tech development for future autonomous mobility services.
The recent developments are a part of the existing research collaboration between NASA and Nissan that builds on the terms of their five-year research and development partnership to focus more on testing “the use of SAM for managing autonomous transportation services, ahead of public implementations,” something Nissan has been keen to lead on. The expansion continues a new scope of activities into 2019.

One of NASA’s strategic goals is to transfer the technology developed to advance NASA mission and program objectives to broader commercial and social applications

– Eugene Tu, Center Director, NASA Ames.
NASA’s involvement in supporting a commercial entity may seem odd at first glance, but the space agency notes that this fits perfectly within its mission. Using NASA’s work in robotics to accelerate the deployment of autonomous mobility services is a perfect example of how the considerable work required to advance space exploration can also pioneer advances here on Earth.
Nissan And NASA Extend Research Into Autonomous Mobility Services



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