Apple Inc Increases Its Autonomous Test Fleet To 27 Cars

In order to catch up and get back into the autonomous race, Apple has doubled downed on its self driving tech development. The company just registered 24 new Lexus RX450h SUVs to the California DMV, in addition to the three vehicles that the company was already given permission to test out on public roads.
According to the government agency, the registration process apparently started on July 2017 and has continued up until this year. Apple has chosen to stay silent on the matter, which really isn’t surprising since it only did just confirm the existence of its self-driving program last June.
On a relative note, it seems like the Lexus RX450h has become a popular choice in developing driverless technology for tech companies that don’t have the capabilities to produce their own vehicles. This is because the SUV is fairly easy to retrofit to accommodate a host of aftermarket sensors. This is important because developing self-driving technology inevitably means putting a lot of equipment in a car.
Apple Inc Increases Its Autonomous Test Fleet To 27 Cars


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