Mercedes Runs Its Global Autonomous Test Drive Program In Australia

To establish the efficiency of the revamped S-Class Autonomous Car, Mercedes is conducting a 5 month long test known as the Mercedes Benz Intelligent World Drive. This initiative is to gather significant data for processing and also for the better understanding of Autonomous Cars. The test is being conducted across 5 different continents and as a part of its third leg, the car is currently conducting its tests in Australia.
In Australia, the test vehicle is facing unique conditions and situations with automated test drives on highways, motorways and in the city of Melbourne. The global drive started in September at the Frankfurt auto show as a way to adapt more highly automated driving functions to national traffic and user practices. The aim is to gather global insights into real-life traffic conditions.
The test vehicle is collecting comprehensive information in a variety of complex traffic situations and in doing so is sounding out the limitations of the current systems. After Australia, the test drives move to South Africa, where pedestrian detection in many unfamiliar situations will play a significant role.
Mercedes Runs Its Global Autonomous Test Drive Program In Australia


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