Driverless Cars To Have Both Beneficial And Detrimental Effect On Human Health

2017 saw a wide range of conversations and debates happening about the impact that driverless/autonomous cars can have on both our social and personal lives. But how significant have they been? A collective range of responses balancing between the good and the bad.
The whole point here being is that, the choice ultimately lies in our hands and what we choose to do with such technology. Understanding how driverless cars affect our health is a thought to ponder upon. 3 major highlights over here being the following findings;

  • Reduce accidents – Car crashes killed around 1.25 million people worldwide. Driverless cars are said to decrease this number with its latest tech, although it is unproven and questionable. Technology will improve safety, but safety is a factor that also depends on how the surrounding environments are engineered or re-engineered to keep people and things from darting in front of driverless cars.
  • Pollution – Cars with internal combustion engines produce gases and particulates, which cause lung disease. Motor vehicles are also one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide worldwide, which causes climate change. The polluting effects of electric cars depend on how the electricity they use is generated. Thus, the pollution-related benefits of driverless cars depend on the mix of petroleum-powered versus electric-powered vehicles.
  • Reduced activity – Cars kill people because we sit while we drive, reducing healthier modes of transport like walking, cycling, or public transport. Little physical activity and too much sitting independently contributes to the chronic diseases that kill most people in the world. Driverless cars will do nothing to reduce the effects of cars on chronic diseases unless they are introduced in a way that reduces the time people spend sitting in cars.

Driverless Cars To Have Both Beneficial And Detrimental Effect On Human Health


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