Indian Startup Beats The Big Names To Launch Its Self-Driving Truck

Bangalore based startup, Flux Auto has quietly worked its way to beat the likes of Google and Tesla to launch its own Self Driving Truck for the Indian roads. Kept under stealth mode till two months back, this 11-month old startup will launch its pilot programme in early February next year. Started in January 2016 with the primary objective of commercializing self-driving technology, its founders adopted a varied approach towards their quest of developing the final end product.
Its founders also believe that the chaotic, poorly-kept roads of India are ideal grounds for them to master their self-driving technology. The biggest selling point here being that, between these companies and Flux Auto’s understanding of the need of the market is that the Indian startup is not building autonomous trucks, but a self-driving kit which can be retrofitted in the trucks already plying on the roads.

For us, the more chaotic the roads are, the more data we get and the more trained our algorithm becomes. Indian roads are helping us to make a far sturdier and sophisticated algorithm for our self-driving technology…

– Flux Auto, cofounder, Pranav Manpuria.
The company is targeting international roads initially and then would bring the system to India in the first eight months of the launch.
Indian Startup Beats The Big Names To Launch Its Self-Driving Truck


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