A Concept Steering Wheel For A Concept Autonomous Future

Inspired by the touch screen mobile technology- ZF, a German automotive technology firm, has taken upon itself to incorporate the aging steering wheel with modern tech innovations that can keep up with the cars of the future.
The steering wheel has capacitive sensors around the rim, along with a bunch of LED lights. It’s most noticeable feature, however, is the 7-inch touchscreen in the middle of it. ZF hopes that the inclusion of this screen will make it easier for passengers/drivers in driverless vehicles to do things like input directions and destinations, select music, etc.

ZF’s advanced steering wheel concept represents an important step in the evolution of automated driving while helping to enhance safety and driver awareness

– Juergen Krebs, VP Engineering for steering wheel systems and driver airbags
ZF envisions this steering wheel as being a more natural way to control various functions in future self-driving vehicles, making it easier for car and driver to trade off control. The advanced steering wheel concept will be on display at the manufacturer’s booth at CES in Las Vegas next month.
A Concept Steering Wheel For A Concept Autonomous Future


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