Ford Submits Patent For An Autonomous Police Vehicle

Imagine a robotic police lurking in the shadows instead of humans? Not a robot per se, but an autonomous car, one that hides on its own, can measure your speed and even can even communicate with other speed cameras in the area? Well, things just got real as Ford Motors recently submitted a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) just for that: an Autonomous Police Vehicle.
According to the patent application, the Autonomous Police Car will work something like this: the vehicle will obtain an indication of violation of one or more traffic laws by Vehicle “X”. On obtaining this indication, the police vehicle will start pursuing Vehicle X. During the chase, the police car will issue warnings to the pursued vehicle, will identify the owner of the car and will issue fines or warnings.
For now, this is just one of the features that Ford plans on adding to its Autonomous Police Vehicle. The goal of Ford’s endeavor is to automate routine police tasks, such as issuing tickets for speeding or failure to stop at a stop signs. The vehicle can perform automated tasks such as enforcing traffic laws, on behalf of the police officers.
Ford Submits Patent For An Autonomous Police Vehicle


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