A UK Road Trip Awaits Driverless Cars In 2019 – HumanDrive Project

Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Cranfield University and a few others, have joined hands to collaborate on a new project known as The HumanDrive Project. The project involves a driverless car that will embark on a 200-mile road-trip across the UK in 2019, including complex country roads and high-speed roundabouts. With the UK government aiming to get driverless cars on the road by 2021, the car will begin its journey late 2019.
The officials involved stated that the UK roads pose challenges, that are quiet different to what the American roads offer- as it involves testing environments like the roundabouts and demanding country lanes.

Low-carbon and self-driving vehicles are the future and they are going to drive forward a global revolution in mobility. Trailblazing projects like the HumanDrive project will play a vital role helping us deliver on that ambition.

– Greg Clark, Secretary Business & Energy.
The project also focuses upon advancing the state of the art and enabling control systems to learn to drive like a human. To enable this, a group of competent human drivers will show off their skills in a simulator based at Leeds University and the data will be collated. Data is also being collected from roads around the UK. This data, will be fed into the machine learning system and driverless cars will begin safety testing and trials on private tracks.
A UK Road Trip Awaits Driverless Cars In 2019 - HumanDrive Project



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