Hackers Explore New Ways To Get Cracking, With The Onset Of Autonomous Cars

Although cars may have become advanced with the latest features, it has not stopped hackers from getting more prevalent and causing mayhem. Time and again, hackers have proved how they can rise to challenge and they are not the kind to step away from a challenge.
The notion that a car loaded with tech features is a lot safer than traditional ones is wrong. Reports have surfaced stating, car makers are now figuring out how to add layers of security and defense against cyber attacks, especially in the era of driverless cars where everything relies on artificial intelligence. A hacker can easily infiltrate the vehicle’s minor device and manipulate vital parts such as brakes, door locks and driving features.

There are very skilled hackers out there who can beat through a lot of medium and low levels of robustness in terms of security that is present in a lot of cars today

– Joe Fabbre, President Green Hills Software.
There are many ways how hackers can get into the driverless system of vehicles. Possible entry points that can be manipulated are internet modems, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth modules, USB ports, high-definition radio, the onboard diagnostic port and near-field communications devices.
Hackers Explore New Ways To Get Cracking, With The Onset Of Hi-Tech Cars


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