Ford Motors Looking To Expand Their Autonomous Tech Partnerships

Perhaps after tasting success with its first, autonomous vehicle development partnership with Domino’s Pizza; Ford Motors are looking to expand their horizons. It is clear that the Blue Oval’s self-driving ambitions extend far beyond a large pepperoni with extra cheese, with that; the company has decided to go big with its driverless commercial vehicles project.
Ford is considering a number of partnerships to develop autonomous large commercial vehicles. It’s not immediately clear what types of vehicles are being planned or who the potential partners are, but Sherif Marakby, Ford’s vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification, says that targets include “ride-sharing and delivery services.”
Ford already operates its own low-cost on-demand service, Chariot, which uses 14-seat Transit vans to deliver passengers in cities like Austin, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. It’s possible that in the future, Ford could develop its driverless technology using this platform, or seek out a larger ride-hailing player like Uber or Lyft.
Ford Motors Looking To Expand Their Autonomous Tech Partnerships


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