I spent $64,000 to discover this ground shattering truth!…

 In the past 7 months, I have traveled to the 6 most developed cities in the world with one mission in mind:

Find the next BIG thing in Tech!

…. so I can focus the next 15 years of my life trying to do something in that sector. The cities I visited were:

  • The Hague ( You really got to visit Netherlands. It is a country with the most excellent infra in the world. It would take 20 years for the U.S to get such marvelous roads. They are real Quick to adopt any technology )
  • Tokyo ( Japan is the Land of innovation. You seriously cant beat Japan in perfection. They are made for it. In-fact Steve Jobs learnt Perfect Assembly line processing in Japan.)
  • Melbourne ( Australia is a remote, highly developed continent, that embraces anything that monetizes quick. Yes, anything that makes money quick. Checkout the successful companies there and you will see a common pattern in the business model)
  • San Francisco ( obvious, as U.S is where the market for anything bleeding edge opens up. The country itself is designed to consume. So all the countries are always dependent on it for business! As Brad Pitt says: “ U.S is not a country. Its a Business”)
  • Frankfurt ( Engineering heaven. Remember, Germany is a country that built itself back from ashes — lightning fast. If you knew what happened to the country after world war I & II, you will understand my previous statement. Aggressively smart working people.)
  • Hong Kong ( Once the world finalizes on a concept — its made in China. We all are like the volleyball net. The U.S & China are the 2 players. One keeps producing tirelessly, the other keeps consuming effortlessly. Money just keeps rotating. But still to the outside world…they are enemies 🙂 )

Even before booking my tickets, I had fixed my appointments via. LinkedIn with a variety of people in each of these countries ( Decision makers in big corps, Investors, Govt. agencies, Startup founders, Professors of leading scientific institutions, online community heads, Journalists etc. You name it. ). I thank everyone of them for spending their valuable time with me.

First, let me tell you this: Did you know? Across the globe, leaders follow a common pattern when identifying the next big thing. They lookout for these 4 important signs:

  1. The Big thing” always starts as an innovative improvement on something that people are already using everyday( Remember how APPLE picked the normal smart phone > redefined it & made it, The iPhone )
  2. It should be connected to everything HOT in the world right now ( Right now the hottest stuff in the world are the Cloud, Block chain, AI, Robotics, Machine learning, Computers, Embedded tech, VR / AR etc. It needs to be connected to ALL)
  3. A globally disturbing revolution must already be in progress in this sector. A revolution that is threatening heavy, age-old corporates with heavy wallets ( so, a LOT of money will be spent by these companies to catch up with the revolution -or- they will face the fate of companies like Nokia, Blackberry etc. )
  4. The most important: All the 3 above elements should fall inline parallelly(at the same time) for the “Next Big thing” to kick off (like how all the planets fall in a straight line once in a millennium)

FYI: Turning the pages of history, the above mentioned 4 signs happen only once in a hundred years . The last time this happened was in 1760. In the manufacturing industry. It was called the great Industrial Revolution. This changed the world for the rest of the years until today. It changed people’s way of life as well as their methods of manufacture. In short, the present world we live in, was architectured during the great Industrial revolution.

And the Good News is: History is repeating itself again!

But this time in the Automobile sector!! 80% of the experts I spoke to, believe that “Autonomous Vehicles” meet all the required elements the ‘next big thing’ needs. The remaining 20% had “Autonomous vehicles” in their top 3 list!

And all unanimously agree that the next Multi-Trillion Dollar industry is the Autonomous sector. Nearly all high-paying jobs in the world are going to be in some way related to this.

The most interesting part is, this revolution has already started. Believe-it-or-Not… this 2018 you will see opportunities, acquisitions, funding, top dollar projects outsourced, thousands of high paying job openings etc., popping up continually. This will continue for the next 20+ years ( only getting mainstream year-on-year ).

Autonomous Vehicles will be the World’s Single Largest Industry By 2050 -Inc.

The only question that remains is: Are you ready for this disruption or not?

Fear Not. The first step towards entering this fascinating industry is getting to know about it. Knowing what sort of impact it will create across various other industries. Understanding the different verticals that make up this industry. And finally, choosing a specific niche in this industry and mastering it ( as every micro niche will be a million dollar opportunity here ).

What on earth is happening?

2018 is going to be a very important milestone in the History of mankind. It will be remembered as the year that paved way for the most important technological change for the upcoming hundreds of years. Experts say that we are amidst and witnessing one the biggest revolution ie., Driver-less Vehicles becoming a reality. What we have been seeing in the Sci-Fi movies is becoming real [ on a lighter note: for those who remember Knight Rider 🙂 . Listen to that awesome intro music here ] .

Autonomous cars is the biggest technological revolution happening, since the invention of Automobile. Only once in a century does such a tectonic shift happens!  — Forbes.

When such an unimaginable shift happens: Many new industries get created — many gets destroyed. Thousands of self-made Millionaires shoot out of nowhere ( remember how the DotCom Boom created a few thousand Millionaires ). Unimaginable opportunities get created, for people to cling on to and carve out a fascinating new career.

Automobile giants like Fiat, Ford, Volkswagen, GM, Honda, Volvo, BMW etc., are opening their heavy wallets wide and spending the trillions of dollars they have saved for the past several decades.

But Why?

Because they are scared! Remember the time when the iPhone was launched? Those companies that ignored the revolution back then just disappeared in the next 5 years ( Nokia, BlackBerry etc., ). Rest is history.

Tesla, Google etc., are going bullish on converting the existing vehicles to complete Driver-less mode. This technological change that is disrupting the Automobile space is giving sleepless nights to legacy Auto giants like Chrysler, Toyota, Renault, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford etc. They know that if they fail to cope up with this change, they will become obsolete in a few years (Tesla is already giving these companies a run for their money)

Why is this considered such a BIG opportunity?

In the last few years, we have heard many speak about AI ( Artificial Intelligence ), IOT ( Internet of Things ), Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Science, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Block Chain, Embedded etc. But have you seen any of these take a real shape or implementation in the real world? ie., Have you seen a scalable commercial use of these in your day-to-day life? Have you ever purchased something that has this implemented? … well NO 🙂

Experts say that all the above are getting combined and used together for the first time in Autonomous Vehicles. Yes, a Driver-less car is the first true commercially usable Robot that will use all the above complex technologies… on which we will soon lay our hands on!

Which means that, there will be millions of Jobs getting created soon in the above verticals. Those who understand this impact and opportunity will see a sharp hockey stick growth in the coming years.

Did you know? Nearly all the Service based MNCs involved in software development and consulting like Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc., are going bullish on developing their competency around these verticals. They are investing heavily in developing products and teams around these next generation technologies. Experts predict Billions of Dollars worth projects getting outsourced from Automobile companies.

Where is the opportunity?

The simple answer is: EVERYWHERE.

For easy understanding, lets take one niche category ( FinTech ) and run through a small case study:

A Driver-less car drives by itself ie., it employs artificial intelligence and does not require a human to operate it at all. The car drives you around when you need it. To office, home, Mall, pub, etc. What happens when you are not using the car? ie., when you are asleep, at the office or watching a movie maybe? The vehicle can automatically join a car-pooling network of choice ( UBER, LYFT etc. ) and go around making money for you!

Sounds crazy? Elon Musk is launching the Tesla network in 2018. Check this article.

Ok, Now the car works on its own & earns money. Where will this money be stored? I guess each car will have an online wallet where the money will be credited for the hard work it does. Since the car knows when it needs to recharge itself, it goes to the nearby re-charge station and plugs itself in. Once done, it makes the required payment using the money in its own wallet.

Sounds crazy? Tesla is already working on something called the ‘Tentacle charger’. It uses AI to find where the charging port is and plugs itself inside. See the video below,

What next? since the car is super intelligent, it knows when its dirty and needs a wash. Or when an engine part, tire needs to be replaced. It searches for the nearest Mechanic and drives itself there to get a check up. Upon completion…, it does a self check if everything was done properly. If good, makes the payment from its wallet & rates the service… so that in future other cars can make an informed decision, based on previous ratings ( and also be able to choose which vendor to use for specific services ).

Good. Now you need the car. You take your mobile and tap a button for the car to serve you. You get inside and ask the car to drive to a good restaurant nearby to have a family dinner. The car checks out all the nearby restaurants and ratings online. Reserves you a seat in the restaurant and drops you there. Estimates the time you will take and drives out to finish some chores. Comes back in time & pays your restaurant bill. Drops you back home and leaves.

Now while all this is happening, what will online advertising companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. do? If I owned Google, will create an advertising platform for machines ( that only machines can understand )… and get local businesses to advertise to the machines. So the machines can also checkout the services offered by advertisers and spend some money there 🙂

I smell thousands of FINTECH opportunities in the simple case study above. Do you?

Will keep this post updated with more case studies in various other verticals 🙂

Kind Request: I’m improving the above article based on feedback. Would be great if you can give a feedback in the comments section below. I promise to tweak the above article based on your feedback 🙂

& update you.


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