Top 10 Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Following is a list of hand picked Tesla Model 3 Accessories that every Model 3 car should have.

As far as the hunt for the best dash cam in terms of video quality goes, the BlackVue models are the best you can get. This two channel model has a small footprint and looks neat when wired properly to sit behind the rear view mirror. The front camera delivers very clear picture that can help you read license plates in daylight and the night time pictures are fairly good. The rear camera has a lesser resolution but still captures decent quality video. In addition to excellent video quality, the camera supports memory cards upto 128gb, has built-in WiFi, mobile app for remote viewing while the cam is in parking mode, motion and impact detection capabilities. The videos can also be backed up on to the cloud storage. The cylindrical form factor of the camera allows it to be rotated 360 degrees for a versatile usage. One of the must have Tesla model 3 accessory.
Tesla model 3 accessories

There are situations where the car can smell really bad when someone pukes on the inside or a friend smokes inside the cabin and those pet poops. Ordinary car fresheners and perfumes dont do much good at completely eliminating foul smells and they even trigger headaches with their harsh scent. Ozium Air Sanitizer is a product of the USA and is the best solution for keeping your car the best place to be in. It has a very mild citrus smell that works magic by getting rid of all those disgusting odors. Just two spurts and the cabin becomes fresh and odorless. This is one of the most useful accessories that every car should have. A very useful Tesla model 3 accessory.

  • Anti-slip Dash Pad for Mobile Phones and Sun Glasses: [ Get it HERE ]

This nifty dash pad from TopFit is made up of soft and durable rubber that sticks to the dashboard without any glue or suction cup. The pad has a textured, non-slippery design that keeps things like mobile phones, key fobs and sunglasses in place. The edges are thick and shaped with a central septum that has a groove which can be used as a mobile phone stand. Its a sleek Tesla model 3 accessory.
Tesla model 3 accessories

This smartphone holder is very compact and has a powerful magnetic base that holds well even in heavy jolts and jerks. This holder has a twist lock mechanism for easy attachment and removal from the Air-con vents that doesn’t damage the vents, unlike those with pressure locks. The swivel base enables the phone display to be rotated and tilted to the direction your choice. One of the must have Tesla model 3 accessories.
Tesla model 3 accessories

This License Plate Frame has nice looks and quality at a cheap price. The mirror finish looks very elegant with Tesla Logo laser engraved on it rather than cheap vinyl decals that peel off in weeks. The frame sits right over the License Plate for easy installation as opposed to sliding type frames. It comes with 2 chrome screw caps to hide away the screws. A required Tesla model 3 accessory.
Tesla model 3 accessories

This comes up first in the list of essentials in a car. It will help you get prepared for unexpected emergencies in case of accidents on road or on a camping/hiking trip etc., The kit has a great compilation of essentials like antiseptic towelettes, alcohol pads, variety of bandages and sterile gauze pads, ointments, creams, antacid and aspirin tablets, cold compress, gloves, tape rolls, scissors and tweezers etc., A life saving Tesla model 3 accessory.

This accessory is a must have when you are a person who likes your pet to be taken along wherever you go. This seat cover from Barksbar is made from good quality polyester that is waterproof. It has velcro cutouts for the seat belts and covers even the sides of the seats. There are two pockets in the seat cover for those pet utilities. It is easy to install between the front and rear head restraints or tucking one side under the seat anchors and the headrests on the other. One of the good to have Tesla model 3 accessories.
Tesla model 3 accessories

Want to look cool every time getting in and out of Tesla?. These 2-piece laser lights project the Tesla logo to the floor, welcoming you every time into the most prestigious, cleanest, meanest car ever. Moreover they can be installed very easily, replacing the factory installed door courtesy lamps without any damage to the originality of the car. The projection is very bright, neat and legible shedding useful light on the floor. Consider this as one of the must have fancy Tesla model 3 accessories.
Tesla model 3 accessories

This simple item can go a long way in sprucing up the Tesla model 3. The Tesla logo decals are available in a pack of 4, in racy red or carbon fiber finishes. The wheel decals are laminated to withstand harsh weather conditions and they dont peel of in high pressure car washes. The red one is made from reflective vinyl as opposed to the carbon fiber one which is non-reflective.
Tesla model 3 accessories
Black & Decker Car Polisher:
If you are the one who “appreciates a fine body, regardless of the make :)”, you ought to use this product from Black & Decker every now and then. This Buffer/ Polishing machine makes easy work of removing dirt and grease from the clear coat of the paint, leaving the car a mirror-like finish. The motor has a good amount of torque to run smoothly under pressure. It’s an easy DIY sort of thing that can be done with ease to give your Teslas a showroom car shine.

In case you have any other Tesla model 3 accessories that you would like to have in the list here, please mention it in the comments section below 🙂


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