Driverless Cars: Creation Of New Jobs Could Revamp The Dying Motor Industry In Australia

As the key stakeholders – the automotive industry, government and the public of Australia are considering the influence of driverless technology in the future. Given the recent decline in Australia’s car manufacturing industry there is an optimistic belief that driverless cars could see the creation of new skilled jobs in Australia.
The automotive industry, beyond offshore manufacturers, is only now coming to realize that the emergence of the new technology is imminent. This realization is in its infancy for industry, and the evolution of the technology is appearing more of a revolution to some.
While it’s possible autonomous cars will be entirely imported from overseas, some see autonomous vehicles as providing a potential resurgence in car-based industry in Australia. There are predictions that by 2030, “95% of US car miles” traveled will be served by on-demand autonomous electric vehicles owned by fleets, not individuals, and this alone will determine the need for a reinvention of industry. The areas that are most likely to be affected will be the retail service and repair sectors.
Sale models will change and consumers are less likely to be the owners of vehicles if supporting technology affords the convenience of on-demand transportation. The application of AVs are being considered by larger corporates who have teams dedicated to researching technologies that increase return on investment, but with better backed educational and awareness programs, all businesses could benefit.
Driverless Cars: Creation Of New Jobs Could Revamp The Dying Motor Industry In Australia



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