AI Still Progressing With The Demand For Self Driving Cars In China

As the demand for digitalized smart cars keep growing in the Chinese market, manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult advance with a technology that is still relatively new and not mature yet. According to a report by a Beijing-based media group AutoR centered on intelligent driving, more and more Chinese enterprises, like search engine giant Baidu, have become involved in the development of a self-driving experience.
The country has already embarked on on-and-off highway trials for autonomous vehicles. Presently, AI-enabled vehicles can’t react swiftly enough, as their systems do not easily recognize complicated road conditions. Artificial intelligence in this case means using computer systems to perform tasks and functions that require human intelligence.

We want to expand and enhance the driving experience, making cars not only an object of affection but also an imitation of human motion

– Jia Hongbing, Founder AutoR.
Many Chinese brands have had a major presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chinese auto startup Byton is one of them, with burgeoning technologies on display. The country hopes to use this as a catalyst, to be the leader one day.
AI Still Progressing With The Demand For Self Driving Cars In China



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