Warner Bros. And Intel Can't Wait To Include AR and VR Ads To Autonomous Cars

With every aspect of business focused on Autonomous Cars, companies can’t wait to keep customers engaged on board once the novelty and fear has worn off. Part of this plan will come to effect from 2030’s as Intel is partnering with Warner Bros. to find ways to divert customers attention on the road, this goes way beyond playing random films on the dashboards.
The two companies want to bring immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences to the cars of the future. According to Kzranich, companies have barely scratched the surface in thinking about the way cars will be designed, the interaction among passengers, and how passengers will spend time while they are riding and not driving. He also said that autonomous driving is currently the biggest game changer, that’s offering a new platform for innovation.
An average American spends over 300 hours per year behind the wheel. By converting these driving hours into passenger hours- companies like Warner Bros. will be chomping at the bit to entertain them and advertise in the captive environment of a car interior. Intel and Warner Bros. will now work to build a one-off car to showcase these AR and VR technologies — which will join the 100-vehicle fleet of Mobileye, the autonomous car vision company bought by Intel for $15B earlier in 2017.
Companies Like Warner Bros. Can't Wait To Include AR and VR Ads To Autonomous Cars


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