China’s Baidu to test self-driving cars in Concord

Is there anything that Chinese Internet Search Giant Biadu can’t do? Well for starters, Baidu has joined the list of companies testing the concept of self driving cars at the GoMentum Station, a former military facility in Concord.
The former naval weapons depot; off limits to the public is where Baidu will test its autonomous vehicles as confirmed by the Contra Costa Country officials. The track which stretches for about 20 miles can be used to simulate both the rural highways and a city grid. The track at GoMentum has been previously used by major automakers like Honda, Otto – A Self Driving Truck Company and an autonomous shuttle bus developer for various tests.
Baidu Self Driving Cars
Image Source. Credit : wired . com
“Its ability to offer mixed road conditions and various scenarios in a secure environment will provide our Apollo open autonomous driving platform with valuable data to further advance its technologies,” said Jingao Wang, senior director of Baidu’s Intelligent Driving Group, in a press release.


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