How Autonomous Vehicles Could Save Millions Worldwide

DoT researchers estimate that fully autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving cars, could reduce traffic fatalities by up to 94 percent by eliminating those accidents that are due to human error. Elderly drivers and teenagers are particularly likely to benefit from autonomous vehicles because the cars can monitor a situation that a driver might not be able to themselves, said Wayne Powell, VP of Connected Technologies for Toyota Motors.
Cars with automated technology have sensors and they never lose vigilance. They’re always on the lookout for pedestrians, calculating distances etc. Not to forget that the question of them becoming distracted or drunk, is absolutely void- this perhaps is the main reason why most experts would say that there is a definite possibility that automation can significantly reduce those human error caused fatal crashes.
The infrastructure of cities will have change to accommodate autonomous vehicles. Cities will need to be prepared with infrastructure investments for EV charging stations to ensure that an adequate communications structure in place to collect the data from the autonomous vehicles on the road. Because with data, many changes can be brought forth.
How Autonomous Vehicles Could Save Millions Worldwide


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