Autonomous Vehicles To Have Human-Like Vision Courtesy Data61 & ZongMu

CSIRO’s Data61 and Chinese firm ZongMu Technology are developing technology that will help overcome one of the biggest technical challenges in autonomous driving – giving vehicles human-like sight. Under a new agreement with the organisations, autonomous vehicles will be equipped with computer vision, enabling them to see and understand the environment the way humans do, and react to hazards.
Data61’s Smart Vision Systems Group, led by Dr Nick Barnes, will work with ZongMu to develop algorithms to estimate the space between objects according to the vehicle’s motion and predict the potential hazards of moving objects. This technology will allow autonomous vehicles to quickly react to any disengagements at a distance of 10m or further to avoid collisions.

Our technology will allow self-driving cares to more quickly detect and avoid hazards, understand and obey road rules and to determine their exact location in relation to other moving vehicles and landmarks in a given environment.

– Dr Shaodi You, Senior Research Scientist
The companies will work together from research through to development with the final product available to ZongMu’s customers in China and internationally, including OEM and partners in the mobility service industry.
Autonomous Vehicles To Have Human-Like Vision Courtesy Data61 & ZongMu


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