Autonomous Cars Developed In Leicestershire Takes Public Roads

The streets of Midlands finally had the opportunity to witness the Driverless Cars developed in Leicestershire. The UK’s biggest trial of autonomous vehicle technology has moved onto public roads for the first time, following years of research, programming and safety checks at a vast testing facility just outside Hinckley.
The vehicles, built by Jaguar Land Rover and Indian automotive giant Tata, are part of the £20 million UK Autodrive research and development consortium – jointly funded by government and industry. They have already undergone months of complex private test track demonstrations at the HORIBA MIRA Proving Ground, at Higham on the Hill, near Hinckley.
The cars have been designed with the assurance of connected technology that allows cars to talk wirelessly with one another and also communicate with things like traffic lights and road signs to help the navigate smoothly along the road networks.

Accelerating connected and autonomous vehicle technology development is central to achieving this ambition and will help to ensure the UK is one of the world’s go-to locations to develop this sector.

-Greg Clark, Business and Energy Secretary.
Autonomous Cars Developed In Leicestershire Takes Public Roads


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