Danfoss Launches Ground Breaking Autonomous Technology

Autonomy technology is expected to influence every modern industry, and while the technology is developing, the demand for autonomous vehicles is set to grow. A request that will go off-highway, is where Danfoss will have the answer. Focusing on major key factors like Connectivity, Path Planning, Obstacle Detection, Sensor Fusion, Intelligent Control, Flexibility the company is all set to achieve its goals.
Danfoss is always looking ahead to stay competitive, and with a solid autonomous background over the years- the path is pretty clear for them. A path that still presents the entire market with great challenges – and solutions. The company’s solution to this challenge is called DAVIS. The Danfoss Autonomous Vehicle Integration System (DAVIS) is our mission towards integrating autonomous functionalities into almost all kinds of off-highway vehicles.
“DAVIS is a solid example of our ability to handle fast-paced innovation and to integrate various technology platforms: hydraulics, electronics, sensors, and cloud-based command interfaces. Essentially, to have the necessary application knowledge within the industry. We know that automated, driverless or self-driving vehicle technologies are starting to shape the future of industries worldwide. Our customers will be asking for autonomous machines – and we want to have a solid answer to their request,” – Kim Fausing, CEO & President of Danfoss.
Danfoss Launches Ground Breaking Autonomous Technology



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