Waymo To Introduce Driverless Robo Taxis In Arizona

Over the last of couple of months Waymo a division of its parent company Alphabet, has been making significant progress in the driverless segment. One of such progress would be the ride sharing facility, which it now plans on introducing in Arizona region. The Arizona project fits in with the group’s wider plans for the rolling out of autonomous vehicles.
The idea for Arizona is to launch a so-termed robo-taxi service. If the project succeeds, this would become the first self-driving company in the U.S. When the scheme launches in Arizona there will be a human inside the minivan, but only for a short period of time (once sufficient safety data has been accumulated).

This is the most advanced vehicle we’ve developed to date. Everything in it is designed and built for full autonomy. Our combination of powerful sensors gives our vehicles a 360 degree view of the world.

– John Krafcik, CEO Waymo.
In the build-up for the project, Waymo has been steadily testing autonomous minivans on public roads throughout the state. These test trips had a human driver on board in case of accidents. In very few cases was human intervention required. Waymo self-driving vehicles have driven some 3.5 million miles on public roads and 2.5 billion miles in simulation.
Waymo To Introduce Driverless Robo Taxis In Arizona



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