US Army Going Big With Autonomous Armored Vehicles

A pleasant surprise perhaps? Well not anymore! On the 22nd of August, the US Army laid out to display its fleet of autonomous military vehicles for a gathering of senior Army leaders and researchers at the Maneuver Center of Excellence on Fort Benning, Georgia.
The display featured some biggies like the robotized Polaris MRZR military all-terrain vehicle with a tethered drone, an automated M113 armored personnel carrier, and a self-driving Humvee with an automated machine gun.
The event was a result of the 3 years of hard work by the Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center; Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center; and the Office of Naval Research.

Using vehicles in this way increases options for commanders and enhances soldier and unit effectiveness during high-risk operations such as breaching, obscuration, sustainment and reconnaissance; and security against an evolving enemy in complex environments…

–Press Release.
US Army Going Big With Autonomous Armored Vehicles


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