UPS Pre-Orders 125 Semi Electric Trucks From Tesla

Delivery company UPS, has vested its interest in latest technology by pre-ordering 125 Semi Electric Trucks from Tesla in the recent past. UPS is no stranger to adopting to new technology as in the past the company has explored the possibilities of working with drones alongside trucks and also integrating virtual reality to help train drivers.
With this recent purchase order of 125 Semi Electric Trucks from Tesla it seems that UPS is looking to convert more of its fleet into electric trucks. The Semi Electric Trucks have been a great hit thus far, as UPS are not the only ones to pre-order these beauties. Walmart also had placed an order just moments are its official launch.

For more than a century, UPS has led the industry in testing and implementing new technologies for more efficient fleet operations. We look forward to expanding further our commitment to fleet excellence with Tesla. These groundbreaking electric tractors are poised to usher in a new era in improved safety, reduced environmental impact, and reduced cost of ownership.

– Juan Perez, Chief Information & Engineering Officer
Right now, Tesla’s site reveals that the Semi requires a $20,000 reservation. If UPS paid the full reservation price for each truck, the company just plunked down a cool $2.5 million for, at least the foreseeable future, little more than the publicity.
UPS Pre-Orders 125 Semi Electric Trucks From Tesla


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