IHS Markit: Worldwide Autonomous Car Sales To Cross 33M Units By 2040

According to IHS Markit, global sales of autonomous vehicles will exceed 33 million units in 2040. That’s a staggering growth from the expected 51,000 in 2021, IHS Markit (London) revealed. The industry is pretty pleased with the response that it has received from the market thus far and expects this demand to continue in the coming years.
The automotive industry is generally considered to be a slow moving one but the spiked response from autonomous cars is due to the makers persistent hardwork and upgrading of technology over the years. Another reason for such a response is due to the growing interest from unorthodox companies like Google, Uber, Apple – these companies have been piling pressure on the others to perform or suffer the risk of being left out.
IHS Markit said self-driving vehicles will initially gain a foothold through ride-sharing services beginning in 2019. The first deployments will occur in the United States, the forecasting company said. By 2040, 7.4 million driverless vehicles will be sold annually in the US, 14.5 million in China and 5.5 million in Europe, whereas sales in other countries will total almost 6.3 million annually combined in 2040.
IHS Markit: Worldwide Autonomous Car Sales To Cross 33M Units By 2040



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