Uber And Volkswagen Turns Up The Heat: Gets Nvidia On Board For Driverless Tech

With driverless cars and their sophisticated technology advancing day by day, companies haven’t held back either. Many companies have realized the boundless potential that is involved while working together. The industry has witnessed a lot of partnerships in the recent past and this has been the key factor for the success of autonomous cars thus far.
In yet another partnership, Uber & Volkswagen have decided to pair up with chip manufacturer – Nvidia to leverage the company’s graphics processors to enhance driverless cars’ visual capabilities. With time, Nvidia is proving that its technology is indispensable in the AI self-driving car sector. The chips will create a cockpit-style experience and increase passenger safety. The NVIDIA DRIVE IX platform will power the I.D. Buzz electric vehicle, a revamped version of the VW MicroBus.

NVIDIA is not just at the forefront of developing GPUs and cloud computing, but is also the market leader for AI computing in cars. The combination of NVIDIA and Volkswagen has the potential to bring this level of AI capability to everyone.

– Roger Lanctot, Director Strategy Analytics.
Nvidia’s AI chip will run so-called “co-pilot” applications, making smart judgement calls to up convenience for human passengers. The smart vehicle will process sensor data from inside and outside of the car, using deep learning to optimize decision-making.
Uber And Volkswagen Turns Up The Heat: Gets Nvidia On Board For Driverless Tech


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