Uber tests self driving cars on the streets of Toronto,though in Manual Mode

Uber makes a great move by testing their autonomous vehicles on Toronto streets this Tuesday. Uber was approved by the Ministry of Transportations under their pilot program for testing autonomous vehicles. 2 self-driving Uber cars, made a roll on roads near the University of Toronto, though under the vigilance of a human presence.
The approval was made by the province but only for testing under manual mode. That ensures that even though the vehicle was autonomous, it was accompanied by a human driver just in case anything happens. Uber confirmed that fully autonomous testing will also take place by the end of this year. Uber has already tried testing its vehicles on the roads of San Francisco but it went in vain as per some regulatory offenses. On the other hand, Ontario wants to be the front face by allowing testing of autonomous vehicles on their streets. A million worth deal to crack!
Driverless cars by Uber
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