Sweden To Initiate The World's Largest Test/Trial Run For Autonomous Vehicles

In a major move to kick start proceedings of autonomous in the country, Sweden is set to initiate an ambitious test run of cars which is described to be the world’s largest thus far. In the trial run, which is being organized by the state-funded program Drive Sweden, an array of self-driving vehicles ranging from ordinary passenger cars to minibuses will hit Swedish roads in real-life environments.
Starting from December, the first self-driving Volvo-manufactured cars in the Drive Me project will appear on Swedish roads, manned with regular drivers able to control them. Drive Sweden is a strategic innovation program funded by research and development agency Vinnova, Sweden’s Energy Agency and Formas Research Council.

An important thing in creating acceptance for this technology is to let people try it out. That’s why we have now launched a number of major projects within Drive Sweden. In a few weeks, we will show self-driving vehicles in various pilot trials in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Many Swedish residents will get to know this.

– Drive Sweden program manager Jan Hellåker.
In Kista and Barkarby, both in Greater Stockholm, self-driving minibuses will be tested to celebrate the development happening in those areas. Previously, self-driving minibuses were tested for a shorter time in Kista, but now the tests are expanding. The aim is to make minibuses, a regular- in the area’s public transportation.
Sweden To Initiate The World's Largest Test/Trial Run For Autonomous Vehicles



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