Startup: AdaSky Building Thermal Cameras For Self-Driving Cars

In a quest to make autonomous driving more safe, Israeli Startup; AdaSky believes it can resolve a major issue revolving around the concept of vision detection. The startup aims at solving this problem by, deploying thermal cameras to detect heat from pedestrians, animals and objects.
According to Reuters News, the company announced on Monday that it had developed a far infrared (FIR) thermal camera named as “VIPER”, that works with computer vision algorithms to detect people or objects on the road. The camera is designed to help in so-called “edge cases” in autonomous driving, where other sensors might fail. A full self-driving prototype of AdaSky’s system would be ready within a year, with mass production being close two to three years away.

The most basic need for an autonomous vehicle is to be able to see and interpret what is happening around it, regardless of road conditions. Existing sensors and cameras can’t meet this need on their own. To address this, we turned to FIR technology. We adapted the technology for the automotive industry and have been able to create a solution that performs at its best in use cases where other sensors fail.

-AdaSky Founder, President and CEO, Avi Katz.
Startup: AdaSky Building Thermal Cameras For Self-Driving Cars


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