Russia To Promote High Tech Infrastructure For Driverless Transport

Russian officials are keen on establishing a network of IT and telecom infrastructures for driverless transport across the country’s roads and highways. Having witnessed the significance, of the same in the coming years; the state officials want to roll out this plan, with the large cities as well as the north-south and east-west transport corridors.
Artificial intelligence solutions will be used in public and cargo transport in order to improve road safety on Russia’s roads. Nearly $10 million are being allocated this year to Russian makers of vehicles with remote control, while another $15 million are offered to electric car makers.

We believe that electric and driverless cars are a key vector of the development of the Russian machine-building industry.

According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, “We need to transform these new types of vehicles from luxury items into convenient, massively used transportation means, and to promote them so that Russians enjoy a more comfortable and safer day-to-day life.”
Russia To Promote High Tech Infrastructure For Driverless Transport



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