Rewarding Business Prospects For The Autonomous Future

The scale in the economy is beyond compare and with the incoming of the highly contemplated autonomous future, several business prospects seem to be looming around this Big Money Industry. With speculations about the transportation industry’s passage from, per-vehicle to per-mile economics- it is seemingly en route to make the biggest transition ever witnessed by mankind.
With Millennials mostly focusing on the experience of a pleasant journey, many of them are embracing the convenience of ride sharing rather than whole sentiment of “Owning” a car. The future of the industry will now be assessed upon, how many miles it moves passengers, and how much margin it generates on every mile traveled; rather than the conventional way of measuring by how quickly it assembles cars, pushes them to customers etc.
Under such a scenario many businesses may not survive the evolution, others are primed to make a fortune. Some of the most flourishing business models under this evolution would be;

  • Insurance
  • Compliance
  • Distribution
  • In-Vehicle Services
  • Autonomous Technology

What awaits us in the coming years, is this new level of paradigm that will spur entirely new ways of living; we haven’t yet considered.
Rewarding Business Prospects For The Autonomous Future


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