Polish City Plans Autonomous Car Zone That Includes Entire City

Jaworzno a city in southern Poland, has taken the first steps towards an autonomous future. The city officials recently signed a letter of intent with Comtegra and the Polish Ministry of Transport, to begin mapping the entire city so that autonomous cars can operate there.
A city with a population of just under 95,000 has created a special legal policy that supports the operation of autonomous cars and trucks. “Taking over Jaworzno as an experimental zone for testing electric and autonomous cars is one of the concepts of e-mobility development in the city,” says Paweł Silbert, Mayor of Jaworzno.
Comtegra will be responsible for developing legal, technical, and organizational guidelines to ensure the safety of the roads designated as acceptable for autonomous vehicles. According to Piotr Jelski, chairman of the Comtegra board of directors, the scanning of the city itself will last about a month. After that work is completed, the next task is tagging, which will last at least a few more months. Jelski says that development of autonomous vehicles is inevitable, and even in Poland, a nation that produces few cars and trucks locally.

Polish City Plans Autonomous Car Zone That Includes Entire City

Image Credits : Gaj777

“We are on the side of responsibility for the shape and future of this movement in the country,” says Jelski. “Today, we prove that even a country without a highly developed car industry is able to make a significant contribution to the global trend.”
The mayor seems to be more enthusiastic than ever and now wants to add a Hyperloop test track to the city as well. Whatever be the future of transportation, the city and surrounding areas are ready to welcome this initiative with arms wide open. The locals have lended their full cooperation and support, to turn the place into a hub for new ideas and technologies can be nourished and harvested. The mayor also hopes, such local initiatives will thrive and grow in other Polish communities and in cities around the world as well.


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