Playneta Launches Next Gen Blockchain Based Game, CryptoBots: Idle

CryptoBots: Idle is the next-gen of investing games, based on Blockchain technology. The product has been designed with a unique balance of both idle mechanics and fascinating gameplay. The new product offers you first-class investment opportunities and great gaming pleasure.
Playneta, the company that has launched this game is primarily a gaming studio of 50 employees that successfully released more than 5 products. Playneta is the team of like-minded crypto-loving people with significant experience in blockchain technology and online games. CryptoBots, right now, is the one of the best crypto investing game in the world, and the company does not want to stop yet. It is looking forward to upgrade and release a game that is all about leadership, thriving strategies and the ultimate feeling of winning. As they believe that this is an ideal moment to presale their brand new game.
The presale started on July, 19th until August, 6th. This is an exclusive opportunity to purchase unique limited edition items with a great discount. The company has created two types of items: for active players to get game progress benefits and for investors – to bring monetary rewards. After the game launch the profit will be shared generously: 50% is to the players, 45% to investors and 5% to the team.


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