Operations Kick Off At Beijing's First Autonomous Vehicle Testing Area

China’s intelligent vehicle and smart transportation demonstration area in Haidian District of Beijing has kicked off its operations. This site is Beijing’s first closed arena for autonomous vehicle tests. Enterprises, such as BAIC BJEV, Foton Motor, Baidu, HiRain Technologies and Holomatic, have already conducted tests at the Haidian base.
This closed testing area in Haiding District, covering an area of around 133,000 square meters, is jointly built by Beijing Innovation Center for Mobility Intelligent (BICMI) and Haidian Driving School. This is China’s first closed area designed for the test and evaluation of autonomous vehicles. The base contains hundreds of static and dynamic traffic scenarios of urban and rural roads. Meanwhile, the base also equips with internet and communication facilities which can be used for research and test of connected vehicles.
Reportedly, another closed autonomous testing area in Beijing’s Economic-Technological Development Area is under construction. The new testing area, covering around 433,000 square meters, is equipped with more plentiful scenarios, such as highway, mountain road, rural road, railway and tunnel, etc., which is expected to be completed in June this year.
Operations Kick Off At Beijing's First Autonomous Vehicle Testing Area



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