Didi Chuxing Speeds Up Autonomous Driving Project As Prototypes Hit The Road

Chinese transportation giant Didi Chuxing revealed that they have completed a series of driving tests for its autonomous cars, marking another milestone along its way in keeping up with the global craze towards self-driving vehicles. In a video showcased at the company’s annual meeting, Company CTO Bob Zhang made an introduction from the inside of a self-driving vehicle prototype as it drove around the city, navigating around pedestrians, static obstacles, and moving vehicles.
Didi Chuxing is actively testing over 10 prototypes of its vehicles in China and US since last year. The company itself is designing its self-driving software while the hardware is manufactured by automaker partners. The firm did not name the partners in this specific project, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle given the company’s firm reputation and partnerships with the other organizations.

Self-driving technology will greatly enhance the efficiency of transportation, and will be an effective way for filling in the gaps in the supply of transportation services

– Bob Zhang, CTO Didi Chuxing
Despite the exhilarating progress, the company still keeps a relative low profile in talking about its autonomous vehicle project. And the reasons seem to be fair enough. There’re still lots of uncertainties in the project because autonomous driving car is influenced by so many things other than technology.
Didi Chuxing Speeds Up Autonomous Driving Project As Prototypes Hit The Road



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