Nvidia's CEO Makes A Bold Claim About Autonomous Cars

American Graphics Giant, Nvidia is steering ahead on the prospects of rolling out a developmental platform for autonomous technology towards the second half of next year. The company’s CEO Jensen Huang stated that, the company’s vision is aligned to making autonomous vehicles a mainstream reality no later than 2021.
The company is set to adorn a central role in the future of mobility, with over 250 partnerships in the automobile industry. Automakers are looking to Nvidia- in which Japanese tech giant SoftBank Group reportedly holds a roughly 5% stake, to run the data-intensive deep-learning calculations for autonomous driving, but many of these projects are still in the pilot stage.

It will take no more than four years to have fully autonomous cars on the road

– CEO Jensen Huang, Nvidia
Huang’s comments came two weeks after Nvidia introduced its Drive PX Pegasus supercomputer, which it claims will help make possible “Level 5,” or fully autonomous, vehicles which can carry out all driving tasks on the road whether or not there is a human on board. Although he refused to comment to, when the majority of vehicles would become driverless.
Nvidia's CEO Makes A Bold Proclaim About Autonomous Cars



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