Mercedes Benz tests an Autonomous valet parking service.

When driver-less cars have already been planned to move in by the next year, Mercedes and Bosch have taken another big hassle off our shoulders ie. Parking. Both the companies are all set to collaborate and launch the first self driving Valet services. As told by the Mercedes team, “it will be interesting to see the cars drive and park themselves on their own!
The first round of testing has been done at Mercedes Museum at Stuttgart, Germany. The driver-less car will take the visitors inside the museum for a ride from a pre-determined spot. This will be requested through a smartphone app. The passengers later will be dropped off at the gate and the cars will drive and park themselves to a pre-assigned area in a multi level garage.
Mercedes autonomous parking
Apart from the regular sensors the Self-driving system of the car has, the parking space will be fitted with another set of special sensors that can coordinate with the car and guide it into a parking space – effectively. This all can be done by a single click on the app which will sync the sensors and park your vehicle. This entire process has its own set of benefits. The system saves a lot of time and there is no hampering with your privacy by handling the keys of your expensive car to any stranger. That rules out the problem of parking it near your destination as well, as you can pick up your car from any garage using the app.
Here is when Bosch’s expertise will come into place. The car syncs with the sensors that are equipped in the garage area. They will be therefore able to make calculations and make space with equal precision value for other cars to park.
Therefore, any parking slot can be turned into a self driving valet parking by retrofitting it with proper system and sensors. Since this initial pilot run is made for only Mercedes vehicles, the big question remains un-answered. How does this work for various other cars that run on different self driving techniques? The obvious answer would be that as more and more parking lots gets this system, every car manufacturer will gets its system as well to speak seamlessly with such parking assistance systems. Stats quote that 20% more cars can be parked in these parking slots than in the traditional parking system. How is that? Well, there will be no person to come in or out of the car and that would save a lot of space for the cars to park in.
Though, it sounds a little unrealistic in the present time, Mercedes is making sure to take all cautions before its launch and making it a reality. They plan on taking it forward once they get a nod by the local authorities. They wouldn’t like to take a chance. If this becomes a reality, the world’s first self driving valet service will be a treat to watch and use.


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